Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bug fixes released in version 1.1 of free instructions

I found a really irritating bug in the free instructions eBook. When the contents link in chapter 1, "Ian Clark Cable Tie Release" was clicked, then that link and every other link in the eBook would result in a pop-up registration form.

A previous bug that was fixed without rolling the version level was the link to the Plutoid 1B fin templates to a PDF file that didn't work. That one was caused by the software creating the PDF file automatically putting the extension "PDF" in capitals and the actual file name extension was in lower case which is standard formatting.

The release dates were also corrected from August (vol 1) and September (vol 2) to September and November or December respectively. The earlier dates were a projection before the project was even started. The current dates have not changed since the project actually got started. Don't worry, you should not expect the dates to keep sliding. I am still on track.

These bugs plus some other typographical errors and some format corrections and improvements were uploaded today as version 1.1.

If anyone runs into any other mistakes or problems, please leave a post here or send an email to me at gary@waterrocketmanual.com or both.

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