Saturday, August 23, 2008

Weekend With Grandkids, Stomp Rockets and Water Rockets

I had some of my grandkids visiting yesterday afternoon and again today. Yesterday my little 2+ year old grandson came to me and said "Papa, Papa...rocket, rocket," and kept repeating it until I relented and went out with him and my 6-year-old granddaughter and we did stomp rockets until we wore the rockets out. I made a mental note that my next batch of stomp rockets needed to be made more robust and more of them. They both just love them. We shot them in the air, into a tree in the yard several times, across the road into an empty field, at a fence, at my teenage "grandson" (not really a blood relative--nephew of my son-in-law) and trying to get them to land in a plastic tub (got close but never quite succeeded).

Then today, we were doing water rockets. We had just been doing bounce or "squash" recovery but we did some parachute recoveries and they loved that, at least until a slight wisp of a breeze came up and they drifted half a block away. That is one advantage of bounce recovery -- you can get a little more accurate with the recovery location.

When my teenage "grandson" and I retired to play Age of Empires III on two computers and my home wireless network, it wasn't long before my granddaughter was bugging me to go fly rockets some more. Unfortunately for her, I felt we should finish the video game first and then she finally got entertained by Nanna until they went home.

What a great couple of days! Back to work now...

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