Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Welcome to the blog for Gary's The Complete Water Rocket Manual and related publications. I will be posting the progress towards releasing volume one and two here as well as other interesting information about water rockets and launchers. This is an open Blog and all are welcome to comment or ask questions. You can also contact me personally at

Currently, I am working on chapter 5 and am on track to complete volume one sometime in September.

This is brand new so don't be afraid to be the first to post.


Papa Bear said...

What's the current status of the water rocket manual project? I spent a good part of 2009 and 2010 reading up on water rockets and building and testing them. Somehow I overlooked your maunual at the time. Either I missed it entirely or, more likely, with so many free pages online, set it aside for later.

Some time in 2010 I began reading up on sugar propellants, and found your amateur rocketry page one of the best. It took me a year to finally follow the link to your water rocket pages.

brit said...

I dont know how to get these plans, mister!