Saturday, August 23, 2008

Water Bottle Rocket Profiles for Fins

I have been working the last few days on a page that will be added to the web site. The page will be "Bottle Profiles for Fins." This may not seem like a very interesting topics but it actually is quite a time saver. I have prepared "exact" profiles for every bottle I have in my several cubic feet of supplies, put hem onto a gridwork and turned them into pdf files for downloading, viewing in a browser, and printing. You can then layout your fins for your water bottle rocket so that they will fit the curved sides of the top of the bottle (bottom of the rocket) that transitions to the nozzle (bottle neck and mouth). It saves tons of time in trying to fit them by trial and error. This page is almost ready to go so you should check for it now here: Then it will be back to work on the main manual so it will be ready before the end of September.

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